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  • What is the maintenance consultation hotline of the oke automation equipment co., LTD. In dongguan?

    Please call 0769-26628064. We will provide you with a telephone enquiry service

  • What should I do when I need on-site service?

    Please call 0769-26628074, describe the alarm number or the breakdown situation of the operator and the spare part model, and we will arrange the service personnel to the site to solve it for you

  • What should I do when I need to deliver the parts?

    Please call 0769-26628064, or directly send to: Room 409-410, Arts crafts emporium five, industrial north four, Songshan Lake high tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan dongguan oklo automation equipment co., LTD. (closed), and indicate your contact information (preferably a mobile number) and select "door to door" way of delivery. We will contact you immediately after we receive the parts

  • What should I do when I need to buy parts?

    Please call 0769-26628064. Please send the enquiry to 0769-8238-5898. Please send the inquiry email to susan@oukedg.com. Please indicate your company name and contact information on the inquiry sheet so that we can get in touch with you in time

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