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On quotation:

Non-fixed offer! According to specific model of specific maintenance products, specific fault conditions charge. Avoid small failures and pay high prices for repairs.

Example 1: FANUC multiaxial integrated amplifier a06b-6134-h303 # A, the maintenance of the same model is only the failure of the X-axis, the maintenance price will be lower than the X-axis, Y-axis and z-axis. Mitsubishi drive MDS- d-svj3-20, the alarm code is also 32, the transistor damage repair price is higher than the price of the transistor.

Example 2: the M70 system controller of MITSUBISHI is not able to read the failure of CF card. There are two reasons for this failure. One is the failure of the card slot, and the other is the failure of the main board. If it is caused by the main board failure, the maintenance of the mainboard maintenance technical difficulty and maintenance cost is higher, so the maintenance price is relatively high. Conversely, the maintenance cost of the card slot is low, and the maintenance price is low.

Freight description:

1. As a result of our clients are from different places, the cost of the Courier companies as well as the maintenance of product size have differences, such as the accounting cost brings certain difficulties to us, for the convenience of quotation, so when we offer does not contain the freight quotations (that is, back and forth freight need to be paid by you).

2. If there is a repair within the warranty period, you will pay the freight. Please don't worry, patiently read the following instructions!

Because our industry has particularity, the maintenance of maintenance has been used for a long time, the damage of the electronic parts of what we can control, we can only do it to try to fix your every maintenance products, try our best to reduce the repair rate. Think of you, we have to take the most secure way of warranty for you (see the warranty), which potentially save you a lot of the cost of maintenance, repair at the same time also requires us to invest more maintenance cost. The cost of freight is not fixed and we cannot predict its cost. Therefore, the freight will be paid by you. I hope you will understand.

3. In general, we give the customer the express delivery by default.

Above, if you have any questions or objections to us, please read the eight reasons why you choose us. You are also welcome to contact us and ask us. We will give you a corresponding solution according to your requirements. Thank you for your support and trust!

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